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CEO, DreamWorks
Jeffrey Katzenberg

Personal letter to Jonathan
(GoGreen Man)

With Hyundai's Chairwoman


With Toyota's Environmental Management
(Center: Chief Environmental Manager)


With Hyundai Executives


With Hyundai's President


With P&G Group President

With GS Group President


Jonathan and Toyota's Concept Vehicle

Toyota's Special Environmental
Presentation for Jonathan
(GoGreen Man)


Personal letter to Jonathan
(GoGreen Man)

CEO, DreamWorks
Jeffrey Katzenberg

Excerpt from his letter...

...I do want to wish you congratulations and continued success with GoGreen Man.  Your passion for the environment is very admirable and crucial at this time.  Your continued efforts will make a difference since every little bit helps.  I have always worked hard for things I cared about and because if that I've been able to achieve many of my goals.  With hard work and perseverance I'm sure you will too.

I wish you the best of luck with GoGreen Man.  Keep up the good work and follow your dreams!  Thanks again for thinking of me.


Jeffrey Katzenberg

Living With Ed

I have been touring the country with my book Living Like Ed, shooting my series Living With Ed, filming on location in Florida, and giving speaking engagements about the environmental issues so pertinent to the well being of all of us on the planet.

From looking at your website, you have been even busier than I have. Your accomplishments are monumental and I am so impressed with your commitment to saving our precious resources.

I just began a new CBS series where I shoot every day, I want to personally join with you in your efforts to make a better life for the children of the world.

Believe me, it is you who is the important person, not I. All you have to do now is continue your tours and share yourself with other kids and they will be inspired by who you are and what you are doing.

then, they too, will become warriors for the cause. I wish you all success in your endeavor and if you need to communicate with me , feel free to write again.

I took the liberty of enclosing a picture. I hope you like it.

You are a dynamo!

All the best

Ed Begley, Jr.



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