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Dr. Pollution

Address: Unknown

email: drPollution@gogreenman.com

Hobbies: Destroying the earth.

Specialties: Explosives, chemistry, oil fusion (used to be friends with Profession Fusionstein)


Trashinator 2000

Created by Dr. Pollution with funds from Petrol Pirate.  Its joints are toxic balls recovered from trash.  The Trashinator 2000 runs on nuclear "blood" and has a gas nozzle that shoots fire.  Another weapon it uses is a plunger.



Gas Goon

Created by Dr. Pollution to make people sick.  He can go into people's houses through cracks (remember, he's gas).  A lightening charge is his weapon.



Trashinator 2007

Just like the Trashinator 2000, it was created by Dr. Pollution, but with many more advances.  It has no balls for joints and its bottom is made from a car frame.



Taxin' Texan

Built by Dr. Pollution and paid for by Pol' Tick Al's supporters.



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Bad Nanodron (B-dron)

The head separates from it's body and flies (wings come out).  A nuclear ray gun is located in the head that is designed to melt down the Good Nanodron (G-dron).  It is very small, about the size of your finger.  If you were to step on it, you'd break it - but it's very hard to hard to catch because it's so fast.

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Oil Octopus

Dr. Pollution's underwater weapon, the Oil Octopus shoots toxic oil instead of ink to help him escape.  It's numerous tentacles (arms) are great for grabbing Green ships.

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V-20 Vrrolls

It's fitted with a really large, powerful engine and gets 2 miles per gallon.  That's not a problem though because it has a huge gas tank and it's the  Dr. Pollution personal vehicle.  If you are behind his V-20, you will be gasping for breath from the exhaust.


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