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Jonathan "environmental ambassador" to children around the world.

Jonathan 2009

Name:  Jonathan Lee 

State: Mississippi

My age when I started GoGreen Man: 10 (I'm 13 now).

Hobbies:  Drawing, building with legos, tae kwon do, computer, being outside, reading

Favorite food: Mexican

Reason for making GoGreenMan:  I wanted kids to have fun while learning about the environment.

Activities in 2009

GoGreen Man's Quest to get fast food restaurants to recycle.

February: Visited an elementary school, where I gave a presentation and handed out bushes and plants for MS Arbor Day.  It was  a part of my GoGreen Man Movement, "One Child, One Tree, One Year."  The class and I planted a fruit tree in their outdoor classroom.  (It is to be set up as an annual event.)

April: Participated in Earth Day on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.  I had a booth set up where I told visitors about my GoGreen Man stories and movement.  A new campaign was created as a result of this trip - fast food restaurant recycling!  My video on this (GoGreen Man's Earth Day Quest) was featured on CNN News.  I met a few members of Congress and shared my campaign idea with them.

May/June/July: Environmental trip planned to Korea, the Philippines and China.  Details to follow soon.

August: Spoke at the 2009 Global Environmental Forum, Incheon, S. Korea.

October: Attended and spoke at the 2009 Green Purchasing Conference in Suwon, S. Korea; spoke at a school in Gangnam, Seoul, S. Korea and met with members of I.C.E.Y. Korea; gave interviews for newspapers and had a photo shoot for a magazine.

November:  Spoke to students at the Saigon South International School (SSIS) in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam.

Activities in 2008 

January: I officially started the GoGreen Man movement at the gulf coast where hurricane Katrina struck. There we planted hundreds of trees. I believe if this movement spreads throughout the world, that if every child plants one tree per year, we can plant over one billion trees to help stop global warming. I interviewed the presidential candidates, like Obama and McCain. I asked them what they think about the environment. 

February: I visited schools and was involved in giving out 35,000 trees at the Mississippi coast for MS Arbor Day..

March: Interviewed presidential candidates and/or their wives and was featured on CNN News.

June/July: Visited Korea to share my GoGreen Man Movement, "One Child, One Tree, One Year" with other children.  The inaugural ceremony for this movement was held at SukMyun University.  Travelled to TaeAn, where the worst oil spill in Korea's history had occurred where I saw firsthand the environmental damage.  I visited TaeAn's elementary school where I gave them my GoGreen Man book, which was published in Korea.

Activities in 2007:

January: I created GoGreen Man by watching a science show about global warming.  That made me want to do something, so I went to my room and came up with GoGreen Man.

February: I  launched my website and it had lots of hits.  I was very excited!

March: For the first time in my life I got on the news, WLBT channel 12.

April: I joined Earth Day on the Hill and met some Senators and Congressmen.  They were very interested in my work.

May: I talked with more Senators and Congressmen, like John Kerry.

June: I was invited to go to Mongolia and participate in the Green Belt  Project  to plant trees to stop desertification and the dust storms. I also met former Korean president Kim Dae Jung.  When I spoke at the June 15 Agreement to unite North and South Korea, I suggested that we should plant chestnut trees in North Korea to help feed the hungry children.

July: Continued working on GoGreen Man book.

August: Visited schools and continued working on my GoGreen Man book.

September: I created the GoGreen Man Movement (One child, One tree, One year) and suggested a bill to Congress and the Senate.  On this trip, I even went on the House Floor!

November: Working on my book Adventures of GoGreen Man .

December: Went to the Mississippi coast and filmed the GoGreen Man movement.


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