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GoGreen Man's Quest to get fast food restaurants to recycle.


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David vs Goliath
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May / 5 / 2009 Jonathan on CNN's Latest News column

"Twelve year old boy fights  fast food trash'

Hi, I'm Jonathan, the creator of GoGreen Man.


When my family travelled to attend Earth Day on the National Mall '09, my parents stopped at a fast food restaurant to pick up a quick meal.  After we were finished, we were shocked at the amount of garbage that was created.  It was then that we decided to see if the popular fast food restaurants recycled.  To our dismay and surprise, not one restaurant my parents went to, recycled.  They went to more than 10 popular restaurants in the D.C. area.  Just think how much garbage goes into a landfill every day from fast food restaurants!

If we recycled the garbage, how much money could be saved?  How much oil could be saved for future generations?

I decided to make this my quest.  My GoGreen Man Quest.  Let's get fast food companies to put recycle bins into their stores and show people how easy it is to recycle!



  1. Make people aware of the problem
    My parents and I made a video about fast food restaurants and the amount of garbage they make.  It was posted to CNN's iReport and later broadcast on CNN.

  2. Research

  3. Campaign
    While in Washington D.C., I met some members of Congress (Sen. Klobuchar, MN; Senator Hutchison, TX; Senator Landrieu, LA) to tell them about the garbage problem.  I also met with some legislative aides to discuss how to make a bill for fast food restaurant recycling, i.e., "The Fast Food Restaurant Recycling Act."

  4. Write letters to the fast food restaurants

  5. Ask for public support

  6. Restaurants put recycling bins in their restaurants


GoGreen Man's quest continues!


For updates, to show support, be a part of this quest or to be on a mailing list -please email me at fastfood@gogreenman.com.



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